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Thanks to those who have already replied to the volunteering for Timekeepers Course which will be taking place on  12 May 2019 at Leith Victoria from 4 pm to approx 6.15 pm.  If you haven't yet volunteered but would like to come along, please let Kathy know.  Thank you.


2ND & 3RD February, 2019
Congratulations to the swimmers who took part in this meet. We had some fantastic performances with swimmers taking loads of time off their swims. Overall we achieved 38PB swims. There were too many great performances to mention but great swimming everyone. 
A special mention to Greig McVicar & Daniel Penman who won ‘TOP BOY’ in the 10-12 & 15&O age groups respectively. Very well done boys.
Apologies if I have missed anyone out, sometimes competitions just blur into each other !!
Places as follows:
Gold – Ines Donald 200IM, 400IM
            Kerr Duncan 50BR, 50Fly, 50F/C
            Daniel Ritchie 200Fly
            Leo Bryce 200Fly
            Greig McVicar 50Fly, 200IM, 50F/C
            Daniel Penman 200IM
            Kate Gray 200Fly
Silver – Ben Gray 200B/C
             Daniel Penman 200B/C, 200F/C
             Greig McVicar 400F/C
             Joshua Drainer  200Fly
             Daniel Ritchie 200IM, 50Fly
             Kate Gray 200B/C, 200BR
             Leo Bryce 50F/C
             Ines Donald 200Fly
Bronze – Daniel Ritchie 400IM, 200F/C
               Scarlett Donald 50F/C
               Luke McDonald 200IM
               Sasha Hale 400IM
               Leo Bryce 200F/C
               Ellie Hunter 200BR
               Daniel Penman 50F/C
Fourth – Daniel Main 200B/C
               Luke McDonald 200F/C
Fifth – Greig McVicar 400IM
            Luke McDonald 50Fly
            Daniel Main 200F/C
            Sasha Hale 200BR
Sixth – Daniel Penman 50Fly
Great swimming.


RCP 15-17 March, 2019
Congratulations to Felix Hale who qualified for this meet. He had three events, one each afternoon, 200IM, 400IM & 200B/C. This is a big meet with teams from all over Britain & Europe.
Felix swam just outside his long course times which was explained when he came down with a bug a few days later.
Great effort Felix.


Tollcross 27 – 31 March, 2019
Huge congratulations to the following swimmers who all qualified for SNAGS this year Ines Donald, Kate Gray, Cameron Alexander, Joshua Drainer, Felix Hale, Greig McVicar, Daniel Ritchie & Michael Skakle. For Kate, Joshua & Greig this was their first time at this competition. Swimmers had varying numbers of events to swim & our 11-13 year old boys also had the Free & the medley relays.
The swimmers managed 22 long course PB’s which is fabulous. Most of the entered times were conversions & it is very different actually doing the swim so brilliant swimming to everyone. I think the biggest improvement on his long course time came from Joshua Drainer who took a massive 30secs off his 200Fly. Brilliant swims also from Daniel & Michael in that same event as they had never swum the 200Fly long course before. Greig had a fantastic 50F/C swim making the final in his first SNAGS which was fantastic. Felix, who was recovering from a bug, did very well & was reserve for the 400IM final & made the 100F/C final. Ines also made a final in her 100BR.
The relays were super & the Free team of Daniel, Joshua, Michael & Greig came 7TH out of 25 which is brilliant & in their medley they were 10TH out of 24 so a great result boys.
We had a couple of strange coincidences during the swims on Saturday. In the 100Fly Joshua & Daniel both had identical 50 splits (34.61) & the same session Daniel & Michael had identical splits in the fly leg of the 400IM (1.22.20). Very bizarre.
The swimmers were absolutely fantastic, a credit to themselves & to Inverleith.
Seventh – 4 x 100 Free Relay – Daniel, Joshua, Michael & Greig.
Eighth – Ines 100BR
Ninth – Felix 100F/C
Tenth – Greig 50F/C
              4 x 100 Medley Relay – Daniel, Michael, Joshua & Greig.
Very well done to all the swimmers & to parents for getting them there.
A massive thank you to all the parents & SNAGS swimmers for my voucher which was very kind of everyone, not necessary but much appreciated.
Many Thanks



Saturday 6TH & Sunday 7TH April
Congratulations to all the swimmers who took part in this meet. It was swum over two days with the 8 to 11 year olds swimming on the Saturday & the 12 & over on the Sunday. We only had five swimmers on the Saturday who swam very well managing  12PB’s between them. Innes Penman did particularly well coming away with 6PB’s & 3 medals.
Silver – Innes Penman 200F/C
Bronze – Innes Penman 50B/C, 50Fly
Fourth – Innes Penman 50BR
Fifth – Innes Penman 50F/C
Sixth – Kate Marshall 50Fly
            Asiyah Williams 50F/C
            Aliyah Kaharevic 200IM
On the Sunday we had a big squad of swimmers who between them completed 41PB swims over the two sessions. The biggest improvement must go to Oliver Fairfield who took 1min 11secs off his 200F/C. Abbi Reid also made a massive improvement on her 200BR by taking 39secs off her entered time.
As we progressed through the session the scores were periodically announced & we came from outside the top six to winning the overall trophy. Apparently there were only seven points separating the top three clubs.
Sam Drainer also swam exceptionally well to win the ‘Top Boy’ award for his age group, very well done Sam.
Gold – Joshua Drainer 200IM, 200BR
            Ben Gray 200IM
            Sam Drainer 200IM, 200F/C, 50F/C, 200B/C
            Cameron Alexander 200IM, 200BR
            Elora Anderson 200Fly
            Kerr Duncan 200F/C
            Orla Kennedy 200F/C
            12/13 Mixed  Medley Relay – Rose Penman, Michael Skakle, Joshua Drainer,   
            Emily McDonald
14 & O Mixed Medley Relay – Orla Kennedy, Kerr Duncan, Cameron   Alexander, Lucy                 McDonald
Gold -   Emily McDonald 200BR
Silver – Orla Kennedy 50F/C, 200IM, 200BR
             Michael Skakle 200IM, 200F/C
             Lucy McDonald 200Fly, 200F/C
             Julian Durant 50F/C
             Kate Gray 200B/C
             Joshua Drainer 200B/C
             12/13 Free Relay – Joshua Drainer, Katya Kancir, Emily McDonald, Michael
             14 & O Free Relay – Kerr Duncan, Lucy McDonald, Orla Kennedy, Cameron
Bronze –Emily Fairfield 50F/C
               Abbi Reid 200IM, 200BR
               Ben Gray 200F/C, 200B/C
               Rose Penman 200F/C
               Kate Gray 200F/C
               Oliver Fairfield 200IM
               Calum Rathjen 50F/C, 200BR
               Michael Skakle 50F/C
               Cameron Alexander 50F/C
               Lucy McDonald 200BR
               Kerr Duncan 200BR
               Elora Anderson 200B/C
               Orla Kennedy 200B/C
Fourth – Emily McDonald 50F/C
               Lucy McDonald 50F/C
               Oliver Fairfield 200F/C
               Daniel Main 200F/C
               Ben Gray 50F/C
               Michael Skakle 200B/C
Fifth – Katya Kancir 50F/C, 200IM
           Charlie Brewer 200IM, 200F/C
           Mahima Gannaboina 200IM
           Kerr Duncan 50F/C
           Emily McDonald 200B/C
           Abbi Reid 200B/C
           Daniel Main 200B/C
Sixth –Rose Penman 50F/C
           Emily McDonald 200F/C
           Mahima Gannaboina 200BR
           Katya Kancir 200B/C
Wow that was a marathon effort typing all that, I hope I haven’t missed anyone out, apologies if I have.
Fantastic team effort from everyone.


Still to come reports from the Aberdeen Long Course Meet, East District Open and the East District Time Trials.........




11 May Haddington Total Swimmer

17-19 May IM Tough

24-26 May Glasgow International

26 May Fraser and Peter Allan Cups (100 freestyle)

1 June Lothian Leagues round 3

2 June Anderson and Huntley Cups

7-9 June ELST Distance Meet

22-23 Bellshill Sharks Summer Meet

27-30 Scottish Open

12-14 July Scottish Summer Meet




Appeal for Officials

First of all, I wanted to say that it’s amazing to have seen all the swimmers competing in the many competitions we have had over the last few months. Well done to you all, you have been fantastic.


All of you will be aware that when I send out emails about competitions, there is a section asking for officials. Those of you who are not timekeepers or judges probably just skip over that bit. However, I wanted to explain why it is important to have officials at external competitions.


When we have swimmers in a competition, we are asked to provide officials so that the meet can be accredited. There are rules about how many officials you need to have at a meet in order for the swimmers’ times to count for the bigger regional (East Districts) and national (Scottish National Age Groups) competitions – and if there are not enough officials provided by the clubs for these competitions, the times don’t count. For some competitions (eg East Districts), they send us a quota for officials and that quota is based on the number of swimmers we have in the competition – so the more swimmers we have, the more officials we’re asked to provide. If we don’t fill the quota, the club can be fined.


Recently we have been finding it difficult to get the number of officials we need for each competition. Even though there are a dependable group of parents who volunteer for every meet that their kids are in, we still have to send out appeals for most competitions in order to get the numbers.


Also, we are very short on judges in the club – we have one parent training to be a judge at the moment but we always need more – for internal competitions as well as external ones.


So I wanted to ask all of you to consider the following:


·            if you would be interested in training as a timekeeper

·         if you have trained as a timekeeper but only time keep at internal              competitions, please could you consider volunteering for some external competitions

·         if you are a more experienced timekeeper, whether you would be prepared to train to be a judge


If you are interested, please contact Colin Drainer or Kathy about it. If you’re not sure what is involved and want to discuss it more, we’d be happy to talk to you about it or you can talk to other parents who are already timekeepers or judges. Thanks.


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