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Welcome to the Club Shop page. The shop is run by and for our members. We can supply the main items used for training and competitions. We generally order from an online supplier and charge a small premium that goes back into Club funds. Although we usually keep a small stock of the main items, we may run out if too many swimmers move up to a new squad and want new floats all at once! We order in batches to save postage and sometimes our supplier is out of stock so there may be a delay in filling your orders.

For competitions all swimmers must have an IASC cap and we encourage everyone to wear one of our cool yellow and black Club suits/jammers. These club suits are single layer and should be a neat fit - lined suits are good for training but have some drag. The Speedo girls' suits (sorry guys) are extra good value as they are made in a chlorine resistant endurance fabric. Swimwear should be thoroughly rinsed in cold water as soon as you get back from training and hung up to dry - never put your kit in the washing machine. We are now offering a Stanno Liga personalised t-shirt (new design) Child Sizes 140cm - 164cm are £22 and Adult sizes small - XXXL are £25.

Swimmers can wear any comfortable suit/ trunks/ jammers for training. For competitions the letters say “Club colours must be worn”. This means that girls must wear an IASC black cap (£5 from our Swimshop). Boys can wear a cap too but it is not compulsory although for higher level competitions boys tend to wear caps so as to go faster! It is quite good if we have a club “image” when competing so we like swimmers to wear plain black or the club swimsuits and jammers with the yellow stripe. We can order plain black suits and jammers on an individual basis for those who want these or (for a couple of pounds more) we can get the ones made of a longer lasting, chlorine resistant fabric. Let us know if you want to order any of these items.

For training, everyone in Intermediate or above needs a float pack with a board and pullbuoy kept in a netbag. You can easily rinse out the float pack and hang it up to dry in its bag. Swimmers also need the correct size of fins: the size of these does not relate very well to shoe sizes so before ordering you need to borrow a pair or two to try so we know what size fits well. They should not fall off when swimming but not be too tight either. We are happy to receive any fins or float packs back in good condition as we can sell them second hand.

Price List
Item Sizes Price
Personalised T-Shirt Kids sizes: 140cm-164cm £22.00
  Adult sizes: S-XXXL £25.00
IASC Tracksuit Tops Kids Sizes £28.00
  Adult Sizes £32.00
Inverleith Hoody - black with logo Kids Sizes £22.00
  Adult Sizes £25.00
Inverleith Swim Hat - black with logo - a "must have"!! ~ £5.00
Floats pack - kickboard, pullbuoy, netbag ~ £26.00
Kickboard - standard size with grips ~ £10.00
Pullbuoy Junior £9.00
  Senior £6.00
Netbag ~ £7.00
Club Kitbags ~ £27.00
Fins - size exchanges possible... Various Sizes £17.00
Part exchange your old fins for a discount:   £3.00 - £5.00 discount
Used fins also available (please ask for sizes):   £7.00 - £10.00


Item Sizes Price
Kiefer Swimsuit in Club colours - black with yellow panel 22" & 28" £5.00
  34" - 36" £16.00
Speedo Endurance in black with yellow panel 26" - 32" £18.00
Kiefer Jammers - black with yellow panel 26" only £5.00

Prices correct as at 1st March 2018.

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