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3 Apr   '18


Congratulations to Angus Allison on his recent haul of 8 Gold Medals at Scottish National Age Group Championships, Felix Hale who made 3 finals as did Ines Donald. Cameron Alexander, Michael Skakle, Daniel Ritchie who qualified for the heats. A mention also for John Mander, Joshua Mitchell and Danny Penman who took part in the relays.

18 Mar   '18

Results, results and more results

The results of the Knight Trophy and 400 Free, held on Sunday 4th March along with the Huntley & Anderson Cups plus Speed Awardds from Sunday 11th March are now online to view and download.

26 Oct   '17

Club Captains, Warm Weather & Newcastleton Camps

Three little pieces of news just for you... Firstly, congratulations go to Angus Skakle and Charlotte Drainer who have been named Club Captains for the forthcoming year. We are also glad to let you know that the Performance Squad are going on a Warm Weather Camp in February 2018 to Torremolinos - this camp has now been officially booked so get your passports ready! Plus, we have also provisionally booked the Intermediate Swimmers Camp in April to Newcastleton - it might not be abroad but you might be lucky and get some summer sun!

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